ALOHA !! from Hawaii
My Family; Tsugumune
Recently I've been having to get up early so I sleep early too. I am enjoying my middle age life. Chiiroba Service is doing well. Chiiroba (donkey) will run around everywhere carrying Jesus on his back.
I spend much of my time at church, working. I am there longer than anyone, even the pastor, and people ask me if I live there. Just the other day I was there for 12 hours! Maybe I really should live there.
I've graduated from the universityand am now working for the betterment of society. I am now working at a hospital in Honolulu and learn about various patients and their lives and family. I learn from hearing different perspectives. But as for me ...?
I am currently studying for a Master's Degree. Financial aid doesn't cover Master's Studies so I have a part-time job. There is so much to do. Is this what gives my life purpose?
Yay! I go to school and work part-time at a restaurant. There's a lot to learn in the world of work. I'm researching different careers. School, job, body boarding, sporadic guitar practices and friendships keep me busy.

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